Your reliable supplier of screen printing inks, chemistry, transfer media, machines and equipments, also DTF materials and equipments.

    Screen printing inks and chemicals

    We offer a wide range of colors for screen printing printers, large-format printing, screen printing chemistry and other materials for screen printing.. We are the Excalibur Exclusive Exporter of Lancergroup International (plastisol and acrylic paints and inks for textile printing and textile promotional items) with a central distribution store for Europe. We also offer water-based textile paints, inks and ANTEX pigments, produced by ANADOLU KIMYA. We are also a seller of screen printing inks and all NAZDAR branding products. We have two basic series, an UV 4000 series - suitable for printing plastics, wood, paper and other materials  and a solvent-based S2 series.
    From screen printing chemistry, we have a range of emulsions and cleaning and maintenance templates for print screening from Prodecran manufacturer, RJA Plastics GmbH glitter and ACTEGA GmbH UV screening lacquers. For Transfer printing, we have a range of high-quality transfer papers from Tullis Russell and Transformer films from Coveme. Transparent paper - TEXITRAN - suitable for multicolour printing by screen printing.
    We offer sieves for screen printing from SAATI or from Chinese manufacturers.